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Gender: Male
Age/DOB: 03/25/2021
Declawed: No
Good with Kids? Yes
Good with Dogs? Yes
Good with Cats? Yes
Meet Kimchee:

Requirements: Foster to Adopt, Medical-foot; Children 10+

Dreams:  Kimchee aka Chimney is an active friendly purr machine. Kimchee suffered a crush injury to his front left paw, and now uses his left “wrist” as the paw. He gets around well, walks, runs, and hops like a bunny. He will hop on a diagonal, and it is adorable to watch. I am never quick enough to catch it on camera. I (foster mom) have pet stairs so he can get on and off my bed with ease. He can climb the quilt to get on the bed, but I’ve never seen him attempt to jump up on the bed. He will jump up to bat at his toy or make a lateral jump from his pet stairs to his mini cat tree, but I haven’t seen him jump to try to get up on a chair or bed. On occasion Kimchee puts his left front paw in the water bowl, and gets it soaked; he used to do this daily, and it looked like it was to stabilize himself. He has no issue eating or using the litter box. Kimchee uses a low sided (on all four sides) litter box.
Kimchee is incredibly active and needs an adopter who is willing to play with him several times throughout the day or have another kitten or young cat. Kimchee can get pretty bitey (he rarely breaks skin) he can become relentless with the biting going after the flabby area on the upper arm, and the feet/ankles when walking. I always try to redirect with a toy, but sometimes the boy is ruthless and goes after flesh. Usually, it is solved by active play, but just a heads up sometimes he gets in a zone. He always has access to dry food, and is fed wet food three times a day.
Once you’ve worn him out (wand teasers are his preference) he is a sweet little cuddle bug. Kimchee curls up on or next to me, and at bedtime will curl up next to my pillow. He doesn’t wake me up during the night or announce it is breakfast time, he lets me sleep in. He has a sixth sense when you are awake and comes on over to greet me. He is currently curled up next to me, sleeping like a little angel.
Kimchee has spent some time with my dog and has done very well. He hasn’t spent time with other cats, but with the proper introduction I think he would do great.
We are now ready for a new forever family. It would be foster to adopt until the vet determines if he has to have the leg amputated or the foot can be saved. Either way, it will not slow me down at all from making the PURfect companion!


My adoption fee is $100
I'm currently cared for at a foster home.