Meet KayKay or Lulu & Nibbles:

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Once upon a time, three little pigs came to HALO because they no longer had homes. Excuse me, said the little pigs, can you help us find a new home? Of course, said HALO – and now you’re caught up on their story.

New development – the Momma piggie, KayKay, decided she didn’t want to hang out with these teenagers anymore, so she’s off on her own looking for a new friend. Momma is a bit more on the shy side, but will still come out for treats. Note, it may just have been too close of quarters for the Momma – understandable.

The two daughters are Lulu & Nibbles – they are adorable and quite vocal at snack time. Very active and nosy too – they will come right over to greet you (more so if they see food). They love practicing their “popcorning” skills

One girl piggie, a pair of girl piggies, or even all three (if you have the space), it’s up to you. Stop in to meet these sweeties soon.

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Species: Guinea Pig
Gender: Female
My adoption fee is $25 for One, $40 for the pair, $60 for the trio!
I'm currently cared for at H.A.L.O.'s Vero Beach Adoption Center.