At Home at H.A.L.O.

H.A.L.O. is uniquely equipped to board pets of all ages, medical needs, and behavioral requirements.
With on-site trainers and medical staff, each of our boarding and training guests receives one-on-one care specific to their physical and emotional needs and, of course, lots of love and snuggles!


Dogs- $30/Day

Dog Share $25

Includes (2) feedings, (4) walks, playtime and housekeeping.

Cats- $25/Day

Cat Share $20

Includes (2) feedings, playtime and housekeeping.

Birds & Sm Animals- $10/Cage/Day

Includes (2) feedings, playtime and housekeeping.

Must bring own cage unless prior arrangements are made.

Please Note

Call us today to set up your boarding appointment! 772-589-7297

We strongly urge you to complete the Boarding Application and Release online prior to drop off. Each of your pets will need a separate application and release.

If you want your dog to be eligible for pack play while boarding, please complete the separate Pack Play Release Form.

All boarding must be prepaid. Any additional charges will be collected at time of pick up.

If you are staying nearby, you can absolutely check your pet out for the day!

We do not currently offer Daycare.

We do not offer Grooming or Training Services outside of boarding at this time.

Hurricane boarding is available, but is very limited. Rates are doubled with a minimum stay of 3 pre-paid nights. During hurricane boarding, no upgrades are available.

Pup Upgrades

Pool Time- $15

Upgrade your pups day with a pool-splashpad play date!

River Walk- $15

Upgrade your pups day with a walk to the Sebastian River!

Room Service- $10

Spoil your pup with a turndown and homemade bark bar cookie on their pillow!

Purr Upgrades

Catnip Love- $15

Upgrade your kitties condo with a catnip ball they can’t resist!

Brushing Love- $15

Upgrade your kitties stay with a one on one brush out!

Room Service- $10

Spoil your kitty with a turndown and homemade fishy treats on their pillow!

Snack Upgrades

Ice Cream Break- $10

A cool down snack designed for your pup or kitty!

The Destresser- $15

Designed to stimulate your pet’s senses and relieve stress through either a lick mat or kong tailored to your pet!

Extra Cookie- $5

Give your pet a homemade cookie or treat from our bark bar! Made with all natural, healthy ingredients!

Grooming Upgrades

Basic Bath Package- $35

Lather your pup on pick up day for a fresh and clean car ride home!

Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning Included

Blow Out for Long Coat Breeds +$20

Specialty Bath Package- $50

Lather your pup on pick up day for a fresh and clean ride home!

If your pup suffers from flea allergies, dry or yeasty skin this package is tailored to meet your pups needs

Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning Included

Blow Out for Long Coat Breeds +$20

Nail Trim Only- $10

Don’t worry about cutting nails too short again! Have them done here!

Training Upgrades

Teach a New Trick- $20

While your pup is staying with us, take advantage of our expert trainers ability to teach your pup a new trick!

This 30 minute session will set the foundation and give your pup additional mental stimulation during their boarding.

Three sessions preferred. 

Obedience Training- $75

Have you been threatening your pup with boot camp?

This package is designed for you!

Get your pup professionally trained during 1 hour sessions while boarding.

Three sessions preferred.

Reactive Training- $100

Do you struggle with reactive behaviors with your pup?

This package is designed to work on these issues and while not a magic bullet, can set the foundation for you and your pup to stop unwanted behaviors.

Three sessions preferred.

More advanced exposure through our Board & Train Package

Meet The Hooman Training Team!

Michelle Wallenstein

My name is Michelle Wallenstein and I’m the animal care manager at H.A.L.O. no-kill animal rescue.

My role at H.A.L.O. is to oversee any medical or behavioral issues concerning the animals under my care.

My aspirations at H.A.L.O. are to enrich the lives of these animals, both mentally and physically, until they find their forever homes.

Some interesting facts about me include; Zoo keeping for over 10 years and training numerous species such as, crocodilians, lemurs, anteaters and exotic birds!

I’ve also been doing outreach programs with exotic animals at schools, libraries and churches for 5 years, teaching children about conservation.

My training specialties include; leash walking skills, puppy training and unique tricks such as paddleboarding! I would love to work with your family to provide mental and physical stimulation to make your dog(s) successful and live a long happy life.

Nikki Cruz

Hi, my name is Nikki Cruz and I’m the Dog Behavioral Manager at H.A.L.O. No-Kill Animal Rescue! My position oversees the behavioral side of the dogs within the shelter to properly assure they are as comfortable as possible during their journey towards our shared goal of finding a family that fits their personality.

Fun fact! I was raised in a Military family and spent 26 years traveling around the world, meeting new people and adapting to all walks of life. With this experience, it’s allowed me to help teach animals, (humans too!) to adjust to the environment around them.

I specialize in Obedience, Leash-Walking, Socialization (which includes exploration, confidence building and social interactions between people and animals) as well as Puppy Training!

My goal is to help create a stable foundation for you to form a strong bond with your dog so you can grow and learn together.

Jeff Bolling

Hello, my name is Jeff Bolling, Director of Operations and head of training at H.A.L.O. No-Kill Rescue.

I started my professional training career in 1986 and have worked with many different types of animals at various zoological institutions.

During my tenure at zoos, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to focus on implementing and maintaining several elephant behavior training programs. These elephant training programs were built on the theory of positive reinforcement and allowed animal husbandry staff and veterinary staff to provide the elephants with the utmost quality of care.

As a Curator at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the COO at the National Elephant Center, I was elected as a training instructor of the American Zoo and Aquarium Association for 10 years.

My start at H.A.L.O. began in 2014 when I got involved to help train a few behaviorally challenging dogs.

Since, I have shifted my focus to helping dog owners build a positive relationship built on leadership and trust.

I am confident that we can help improve your relationship and lead you both to success.

“Jeff is a God send. I adopted 2 larger dogs simultaneously a little over 8 yrs ago from HALO. After working with the two dogs a week prior to their homecoming, he then came to my house to socalize the dogs and teach me to handle them properly over a six week period. I encountered a behavioral issue last year which could have caused me to surrender my guy back to HALO and Jeff was able to immediately teach me how to handle it and we are all 3 living our best lives. I can’t say enough about Jeff’s abilities, compassion and understanding when it comes to pets and pet owners!!!!”
Nancey Cassalia

“I would just like to say a few things about Michelle Wallenstein and her training our dog Buster. Buster is a high energy Bull Terrier who was in need of discipline and obedience training. Michelle and Buster were and are the best of friends, he will do anything for her! Her knowledge, patience and caring are above and beyond. She has taught Buster how to station on a target, follow her commands off leash, how to play dead and a host of other tricks all while working on the basics as well. I highly recommend her for all doggie needs and Buster agrees!! Woof!!”
Sharon Laughlin & Buster

“I was fortunate to meet Nikki Cruz six years ago when my daughter adopted Harley from HALO. We started training when Harley was 12 weeks old with great success. Harley is a very well behaved, trained dog that we can take into any environment. Then we adopted Tiki, our yellow lab and immediately contacted Nikki 5 years ago to help us with our little nerve with fur and she is so well trained (thanks to Nikki) that she rarely uses a leash and is also well behaved and responds to commands with ease. Then here comes Teddy, my little 9-week-old Yorkie and boy was he Satan! I immediately contacted Nikki a year and a half ago for help as he was totally out of control. She immediately started training Teddy and myself and now 1 and 1/2 years later I have an unbelievably well-mannered dog that I get compliments on every time I take him out! I take Teddy everywhere… to stores, malls, parks, and friends’ homes. I recently took Teddy on his first vacation to Embassy Suites resort and he was amazing! He received multiple compliments on his trained behavior. I recommend Nikki to everyone I meet that needs a trainer. Her knowledge and compassion for dogs and their owners is absolutely amazing and shows in all three of our dogs.”
Kimberly Harris... Harley... Tiki... Teddy

“I met Nikki back in 2018 right after I had adopted Harley (also formerly known as Munchkin) from H.A.L.O. No-Kill Rescue Shelter. Harley was just a baby when she met Nikki and I wanted the best possible guidance for Harley since she was so young. Nikki worked with Harley and I for years and throughout those years Harley has grown into the best well trained dog I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. Harley walks incredibly well on her leash both in public and at home. She is social, willing, and brave due to Nikki’s incredible training and commitment to her. Nikki not only trained her but trained me to be the best handler I could be for her. Throughout the years I have watched Nikki work with dogs who didn’t have the foundation Harley was provided and instead found themselves with different hardships. Nikki took these dogs under her wing and made them into dogs that could find courage and strength within themselves. She eased their anxieties and gave them a foundation like my Harley has so they can grow and become the best companions. If you are looking for not just a trainer, but someone who will teach both you and your dog and build a relationship of trust and guidance between both of you, Nikki is the person for you. She is a genuine soul who when you meet her you can feel the love and passion she has for what she does. She is worth every minute, penny, and more. Thank you Nikki for making me into a better handler and for giving my Harley the foundation she needed to be such a great dog.”

Sam & Harley

“I would like to highly recommend Michelle Lee for any of your animal training needs. She is very experienced and has a very strong compassion for all God’s creatures. Within the past year, I had a need for her services. She trained my puppy on a weekly basis for a few months, and the behavioral change in him was impressive. She showed extreme patience with him and used a vast array of training techniques to get him to be a well behanved puppy. She cares about the animal’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs. I don’t hesitate to recommend her, she’s wonderful!”

Laura Trombly