Lost & Found Pets

If you have LOST a pet, we are sorry and understand how difficult this time is. We will do everything we can to help you find them! If a month has lapsed between filling out this form, please resubmit so we can boost on our Facebook Page and continue to help try and reunite you with your pet.

If you have FOUND a pet, thank you for keeping them safe and trying to get them back home as quickly as possible!

Start by completing H.A.L.O.’s “Report a Lost or Found Pet” form below. We will make sure your pet report is posted on H.A.L.O.’s Facebook page as soon as possible. This will make sure the lost/found pet will be seen by our thousands of followers. 

Report a Lost or Found Pet

Click here to report a lost or found pet so we can help!

Don’t stop there! Other steps you can take:

  • Post the pet on Pawboost. This site will list the pet for free, post to FB, and post to the neighborhood pawboost page.
  • Check / Update the Microchip!
    • If this is a LOST pet, call your microchip company and make sure your pet is reported missing and your contact information is correct.
    • If this is a FOUND pet, go to any local shelter or veterinarian and have the pet scanned for a microchip. This is usually a FREE service and H.A.L.O. can do it anytime during normal business hours!
  • Report to your local Humane Society and go visit your local shelter in person!
    • Indian River County, HSVB: 772.388.3331 X129, [email protected].
    • Brevard – SACC (321) 633-2024
    • Humane Society Ft. Pierce Location: (772) 461-0687
    • Humane Society Port St. Lucie Location: (772) 672-8189
  • Contact your local law enforcement office:
    • Indian River Sheriff’s Department (non-emergency line): (772) 978-4600
    • Sebastian Police Department (non-emergency line): (772) 589-5233
    • Vero Beach Police Department (non-emergency line): (772) 978-4600
    • Indian River County Animal Control: (772) 226-3485
    • *If found by Indian River County Animal Control, your pet will be taken to the Humane Society of Vero Beach.
  • Make a Flyer!
    • Find the BEST possible picture you have of your pet (keep in mind that lighting, angle, etc can affect a visual match of your pet)
    • Give a great description of your pet and as many details as you can about where the pet was lost from (city, neighborhood, street/block)
    • List your CONTACT NUMBER.
    • Post the flyers in your neighborhood, at veterinarian offices, dog parks, and your local shelters.
  • Post the flyer and all your information on your Facebook page, you can also post it to H.A.L.O. ‘s page, and please ask ALL of your family and friends to share!
  • Most cats are hiding nearby, usually next to your house or a few houses down. Cats usually do not travel long distances. We recommend putting an article of clothing or bedding outside to help them find their way home (something with your scent on it).

  • For fearful pets, we do have traps available for rent. We require a deposit which is fully refundable once your pet is home safe. Our traps range from small cat to large dog and our staff will walk you through the process!