Meet Howie:
Howie was transferred to H.A.L.O. from a vet clinic he was never picked up from over 500 days ago.
Weighing in just under 100lbs this Howie lives up to his name as a noble watchman and guardian.
Howie is a Misfit because as a loyal and strong protector of his inner circle, he is not keen on strangers approaching.
If Howie does not know a person or situation, he will become quickly uncomfortable and it has led to previous bites. Especially during vetting, restraint, or nail trims a sedative and muzzle are always his and your best tool.
In a home, with his family Howie is super loveable… he would allow for 24-hour belly rubs. He loves land and water, so as an only pet in a home with a doggie door that leads to space to roam, he would hit his lottery. Maybe part piglet, Howie does enjoy digging for exercise, so not a home that needs a perfectly manicured lawn.

Requirements: Martingale Collar; Leash Walk due to digging; Misfit

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Breed: Mastiff/ Lab Mix
Gender: Male
Age/DOB: 9/8/17
Weight: 80 lbs
House Trained? Unknown
Good with Dogs? No
Good with Kids? Yes
Good with Cats? No
My adoption fee is $0 - Sponsored by David!
I'm currently cared for at H.A.L.O. No Kill Rescue.

I am a H.A.L.O. Misfit

What this means is that in my life time, I have been failed by humans and because of that, I have not learned how to deal with my fears and make good decisions.

At H.A.L.O., the trainers and handlers understand that I am a good dog who just needs someone to hold my paw sometimes and reassure me. If you would like to meet me please just know that it might take some time to get to know me and for me to learn to trust you. Our handlers would love to work with us both to lead us to a healthy, respectful and loving relationship.