Meet Reddington:

About Me: A stunning boy, Reddington has some trust issues. Once he finds he can trust you, he blossoms into the best boy. He tends to get very jealous of people interacting with “his person” and will have an attitude for hours if his feelings get hurt making him an ideal candidate for a single person with minimal visitors.

Reddington is a giant goofball and loves to dance around in circles. He LIVES for belly rubs and his ball. He enjoys long walks on the beach and a good roll in the sand. Likes to hold your arm and sit pretty to let you know he wants you to pet him for the next 36 hours strait.

If he gets sick, the world is ending and he wants to be left alone, but also catered to. Paying close attention to body language will get the furthest with his quirks because he definitely warns you when he’s grumpy.

He is very vocal, which can be scary at first, but again, his body language will tell you if he’s upset or he’s singing you the bark/whine of his people. He does play with his mouth, but does it very gently and never bites down. He’s not a fan of grooming and does need sedation to keep his coat beautiful.

Requirements: Martingale Collar; Misfit, Handler Appointment Only; Resource Guarder

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Breed: Labradoodle
Gender: Male
Age/DOB: 10/30/17
Weight: 59 lbs
House Trained? Yes
Good with Dogs? Yes
Good with Kids? No
Good with Cats? Yes
My adoption fee is $0 - Sponsored by an Angel!
I'm currently cared for at H.A.L.O. No Kill Rescue.

I am a H.A.L.O. Misfit

What this means is that in my life time, I have been failed by humans and because of that, I have not learned how to deal with my fears and make good decisions.

At H.A.L.O., the trainers and handlers understand that I am a good dog who just needs someone to hold my paw sometimes and reassure me. If you would like to meet me please just know that it might take some time to get to know me and for me to learn to trust you. Our handlers would love to work with us both to lead us to a healthy, respectful and loving relationship.