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Thank you for visiting and finding out more about our needs while we wait for forever homes! 

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Help Regulate My Diabetes

I get daily insulin injections to keep my diabetes under control.

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Help My Skin Allergies

I receive daily medication to help my skin stay flare up free.

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Help My Kidneys Filter

I am a senior with renal disease. Rx diet & meds keep my kidneys working.

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Help My Knee Recovery

Both my knees suffered from ACL tears . I was lucky to get surgeries for both, but still need medication and joint supplements to help with arthritis.

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Help My Skin Allergies

I am diagnosed with a rare skin disorder called Pemphigus. Basically my body thinks my skin is an allergy. The good news is steroids keep it managed!

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Help My Cancer

I had a lump removed and it came back as mast cell cancer. The H.A.L.O. team has me on a host of supplements to keep more tumors at bay! 

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Help my Thyroid

I am a hyperthyroid feline, which can be common for senior girls. Luckily I am controlled on a little daily pill!

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Help My Bladder Health

A little embarassed to share… I have the dribbles. The H.A.L.O. team has me on urinary support meds to help strengthen  my bladder.

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Help My Immune Health

I am an FIV+ boy. I am in great shape but need a little TLC with my skin & digestion. Daily steroids keep my gut and skin regulated. 

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Help my Seizures

I was born with neurological deficiencies that created scary seizures. Luckily anti-seizure medication keeps my seizures away and me happy!

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Help Regulate My Diabetes

I get daily insulin injections to keep my diabetes under control!

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  Help My Anxiety

I suffer from anxiety. The H.A.L.O. team has found that medication helps me manage it and I hope to find my home one day so I can live a stress free life out of a kennel!

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 Help my Stress

I suffer from cystitis triggered by stress. I am regulated on calming diet, collars and steroids and hopefully once I find my forever home, my stress will ease and I can enjoy all that life offers!

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Help Regulate My Enzymes

I have a condition called Pancreatic Insufficiency. The start of my life was touch and go as I could not keep weight on. Once my diagnosis was made and I was put on the right balance of diet & supplements to manage my insufficiency, I went from 38lbs of bones to 57lbs of health! Sadly, the supplements to keep me alive, cost way more than most families can budget, so adoption has been hard.

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Samwise & Friends

  Help Our Fungus

Life is harder when there is a fungus among us. Luckily with dips, creams and pills, the H.A.L.O. team gets ringworm under control and gets us on a path to a forever home!

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