Paddle Raise!

Angel Medical Fund

Each year, H.A.L.O. spends over $200,000 in veterinary costs for rescues in our care. The Angel Medical Fund was created to help provide all life-saving medical services needed to give homeless pets surrendered to H.A.L.O. a second chance at life. Due to the pandemic, we have seen a 28% increase in surrenders as many people are unable to afford their pets’ medical care and our Angel Medical Fund has been depleted. Your pledge of $250 will ensure that H.A.L.O. is able to continue our extraordinary commitment to save each and every life! 

Heartworm Treatment

Heartworm disease is a deadly parasite that attacks a dog’s heart and vital organs and if left untreated, will always be fatal. Treatment for this disease is expensive and often takes several months depending on the severity. In 2020 alone, H.A.L.O. has treated 38 dogs with heartworm disease and spent thousands of dollars for their medical care. Your pledge of $500 will provide lifesaving heartworm treatment for a dog in our care! 

Fresh Start Program

As a no-kill rescue shelter, H.A.L.O. often ends up with extremely difficult cases where dogs are simply not adoptable due to shy, untrusting and sometimes aggressive behaviors. H.A.L.O.’s Fresh Start Program allows trainers and handlers to work extensively with these misunderstood dogs through pack work, positive muzzle training, and behavioral modification with a heavy emphasis on exposure. Your pledge of $1,000 will ensure that the dogs in our Fresh Start Program continue receiving the training and care they need to find their forever home!

Adoption Center

H.A.L.O.’s Adoption Center in the Indian River Mall was specifically designed to be a fear-free environment with open rooms where cats are able to roam freely and interact with other rescues. This center is vital for the cats in our care who are scared and anxious and allows potential adopters to interact with them in a simulated home environment. The center has been pivotal in increasing the adoption of our shy cats. Your pledge of $2,500 will sponsor one of the cat rooms and ensure we can continue to provide a fear-free space for homeless cats! 

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