Hi Rescue Friends,

Since H.A.L.O. was founded in 2006 a lot has changed in the world of animal rescue. In our community, incredible improvements have been made in the safety, care, and humane treatment of shelter animals.

Each year, we strive to help be a part of this positive growth and now it’s important for us to turn our vision towards the future and focus on the 10% still falling through the cracks of traditional shelter models.

We call them the Misfits – the ferals, the aggressive, the shy, and the medical. It is said they cause too much stress on caregivers and budget to save them. They are deemed a waste of resources.

H.A.L.O. believes every life deserves a second chance and that there is a better way for the treatment and humane care of all animals. Because of this, we will continue to push the boundaries and never give up on a life in need.

This coming year we will focus our efforts on growing our programs and providing enrichment geared at promoting physical and mental health and creating greater protection for these animals.

We couldn’t do it without you! Thank you for helping make 2022 such an amazing year of no-kill rescue!

We look forward to a new year with new lives to save!

Believing in Miracles,

Jacque Petrone
Executive Director

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