Hi Rescue Friends,

This year along with so many other shelters across the country, H.A.L.O. faced a post-pandemic crisis of overcrowding and underfunding. Due to the decline in virtual work, the housing crisis, and the rising costs of supplies and vet care, we faced an adoption crisis like we had never seen before. We watched helplessly as euthanasia rates increased for the first time in years.

Despite all of the negative, we found a way to keep going and find the small Miracles every day…

Bella, a Senior girl with medical issues finally went into a loving foster home after over 997 days in the shelter!

Angel, a cat the H.A.L.O. caretakers could barely touch when she first arrived, found her forever home after 570 days at the shelter!

At H.A.L.O., we provide love, medical care, enrichment, and a promise to every Rescue to get a second chance at life, but we couldn’t do it without YOU! Thank you for helping us keep our doors open in 2023!

We look forward to another incredible year of No-Kill Rescue!
Believing in Miracles,

Jacque Petrone
Executive Director

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