Dear Angels,

Change is good. In 2004, over 5,000 pets in Indian River County died from unnecessary euthanasia. That horrifying number is what inspired me to make a change and open a no-kill rescue shelter. On that day, I made a promise to every pet that walked through our doors that they deserved their God given right to live and would never be euthanized based on age, length of stay, behavioral concerns or medical needs. Over the past 13 years, Helping Animals Live and Overcome (affectionately known as H.A.L.O.) has kept that promise. With a 99% live release rate, over 14,000 pets have been saved and euthanasia rates in Indian River County have dropped by over 95%! We can finally see the finish line in our vision for a no-kill county!

But our work at H.A.L.O. is far from over and we face even more change today than we did 13 years ago. How to tackle the high intake numbers at animal shelters and create a world with no more homeless pets? This begins with more services to help our community keep their pets at home. Many times we see an animal being surrendered because their owner is unable to afford their medical costs. They often leave in tears because they just left a piece of their heart in our hands. Our expansion, H.A.L.O.’s Enrichment Center, will provide the residents of our county with a specialized training facility and low cost veterinary services. We are also working to establish a grant program where Indian River County pet owners can apply for emergency medical funds to help pay for life-saving medical care.

The support of our generous community continues to amaze and inspire me every day, and I am looking forward to the changes on our horizon. Thank YOU for supporting H.A.L.O. throughout this amazing journey that is no-kill rescue!

Believing in Miracles,

Jacque Petrone
Executive Director

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