Hi Rescue Friends,

In true H.A.L.O. style, we started 2022 off running!

Planning rescues pulls and the events to fund them, triaging medical emergencies, and providing lifesaving care is all in a day’s work at H.A.L.O.

While the last two years have certainly brought change, we are optimistic about the future of no-kill rescue.

We are looking forward to taking another leap towards realizing our expansion project, H.A.L.O.’s Enrichment Center and continuing to cultivate relationships in Rescue with joint goals to create a better world for animals.

As always, THANK YOU for your never ending support and love for H.A.L.O. and the homeless pets we save each day. We are forever grateful and look forward to an even bigger year of lifesaving in 2022!

Believing in Miracles,

Jacque Petrone
Executive Director

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