Dear Rescue Friend,

Two words seem to be all I can think about during this time of year – Kitten Season! Hundreds of tiny little floofs come through our doors every year from Spring until Winter.

Because of our beautiful Florida weather, this number is even higher than in other parts of the country. While they are ridiculously cute and being surrounded by hundreds of tiny kittens sounds like a fantasy land filled with butterflies and rainbows, the reality is…there’s a Hurricane coming and preparation is the key to success!

Community awareness is the first step. What do you do if you stumble across one of these floofs? Please don’t kit-nap! A kitten’s best chance for survival is with mom. If kittens are not crying and have round bellies, chances are mom is caring for them and will come back for them. If they are not in any imminent danger, wait.

For those kittens that don’t get the chance to be raised by mom, you can sign up to become a foster parent! There is immense reward in saving a life and being part of a journey to their happily ever after. Don’t have the time to foster? You can donate supplies from our Amazon wish list or even do your own kitten shower at your workplace or for a special occasion.

Help make a difference and let’s brave the floof storm together!

Believing in Miracles,

Jacque Petrone
Executive Director

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