Meet Our Misfits

  H.A.L.O.’s Fresh Start Program

As a no-kill rescue shelter, H.A.L.O. often ends up with extremely difficult cases where dogs are simply not adoptable due to untrusting and aggressive behaviors. Many of these dogs have been neglected and abused by humans and need a little extra love and care before they are ready to go to their forever home. Each of H.A.L.O.’s Misfits is in the Fresh Start Program where our trainers work with them extensively through pack work, positive muzzle training, and behavioral modification with a heavy emphasis on exposure.

Please consider sponsoring a Misfit’s care while they learn to love and trust again because every life deserves a second chance!


Entered H.A.L.O. 6/22/2015 as a puppy

I was not properly socialized as a youngster and became very leery around people. My misunderstanding and trust issues has caused me to fear bite, but I have come such a long way through HALO’s Fresh Start Program.

My nickname is T-Rex because I like to stand on my back feet for minutes for treats!


Entered H.A.L.O. 2/21/2014…Now Re-Adopted 2/5/2022!

I am really a great boy, but being deaf has me a bit nervous and nippy around new people. Once I am given the time and quiet to bond to my family, I am very loyal and well behaved. I am good left alone in the house and am also used to being crated. I know hand signals. I like car rides, playing ball, running around and couch cuddles.


Entered H.A.L.O. 4/10/2021

I am a beautiful boy that ended up homeless.  I am quirky and am not the type of dog to be smooched on so H.A.L.O.’s Fresh Start Program is helping me find my way so that I am ready for a family of my own.


Entered H.A.L.O. 5/13/2020

I am a sweet boy just needing someone to give me lots of love. I was used as a bait dog and am lucky to have survived and ended up in the loving care of HALO. I am ready for a home of my own but the best fit would be as an only pet with adults willing to spend time building me up through love and consistency.


Entered H.A.L.O. 10/27/2020

I am a wonderful cattle breed style girl. I will nip at your feet to herd you, love to play, love my crate (but with the door open only,) am good when left alone in the house, love balls and car rides and frozen veggies! I will push the limits with my humans so H.A.L.O. trainers are helping me to understand my high drive needs so that I can be successful in a family of my own.


Entred H.A.L.O. 7/20/2016, now in Permanant Foster 11/18/2021!

They call me Eeyore around the shelter. I have been at H.A.L.O. since 2016 and while I have had my share of troubles, I am still hopeful to share life with a quiet, stable person to bond with and share ice water! My largest struggles are claiming and guarding issues but I do have tells when I have reached my threshold.


Entered H.A.L.O. 9/11/2019

I am a gentle giant, but will get possessive and am not the best at sharing. I am a very big girl with a lot of love and loyalty to give if you take the time to get to know me. I am solitary and will do best in a quiet home.


Entered H.A.L.O. 3/31/2020. Now Adopted 3/28/2022!

I have really come full circle while in the Fresh Start Program. I came in very leery and shy and now have blossomed, love my pack time and the other dogs. I can be more leery around men than women but if you take the time with me, I will blossom!


Entered H.A.L.O. 6/22/2021

I flew from the Bahamas to be given my chance at a family of my own. I am sweet and shy and would do best in a quiet home that can give me time to adjust to my new world! Once I bond, I guarantee to make the most loyal friend. I am a HALO Misfit because I can fear bite if pushed too fast with strangers.



Entered H.A.L.O. 1/12/2017. Now Adopted 1/6/2022!

Sky is always eager to please and excited to receive any attention as she so wants to be with someone and adored. She is very good on her lead and has the cutest little fast step, lady walk. Sky is a great listener and hugger and she will try and melt into you and bury her face in your body. Sky does have extreme restraint fears and will bite if feels threatened at all. Trainers are working on building up her trust and teaching impulse control.


Entered H.A.L.O. 6/28/2021. Now Adopted 11/5/2021!

I am adorable and good with my person, but am not a social butterfly. Not being able to see definitely sets me back and I get very possessive of my human and will bite if someone I do not know approaches. Take the time to get to know me and I will be your best friend! Just looking for my special person to share a quiet life with.


Entered H.A.L.O. 2/19/2016

In February 2016 I was a transfer from Brevard’s shelter- rescued just in time before my euthanasia.
H.A.L.O. handlers really tried to rehabilitate me for a home of my own, but over the years my claiming issues just became to severe to trust me in a home.
While I am considered a lifer, I am very loved and well cared for at H.A.L.O. and while I do not have the manners for a household, I am a great companion to staff here!


Entered H.A.L.O. 2/1/2014. Now Permanant Foster 2/20/2022!

Going to be killed because of my birth defects, an Angel saved and brought me to H.A.L.O.

I had been mistreated, was deaf and blind so the combination led to a very untrusting and reactive personality.

H.A.L.O. handlers are part of my family and being able to trust them makes my life here worth every second living it!


Lola Rae

Entered H.A.L.O. 5/27/2016

One of the favorites at H.A.L.O., I am a doll baby with the humans in my circle.

Treats are usually the trick to winning me over, but due to my aggressive temperament around other pets and humans I do not know, it was determined that my best life will be at H.A.L.O.

Sometimes protecting a dog from bad choices is the best gift you can give.



Entered H.A.L.O. 6/1/2020

Handsome is what you get when you look at me, but mental stability is a big issue for me.

One day I love you, one day I don’t and there is no certain reason or trigger that H.A.L.O. trainers have been able to get a gauge on.

I am super lucky I am safe at H.A.L.O. and will continue my behavioral journey, while receiving all the love and care I deserve!



Entered H.A.L.O. 11/28/2020

While being deaf, I had come such a long way at H.A.L.O. and I was finally ready for a family of my own. Sadly, the high stress of the change of environment caused me to regress and I became very unstable and unpredictable in my home.

H.A.L.O. trainers have deemed me a lifer because my life at H.A.L.O. is like the porridge… just right!



Entered H.A.L.O. 6/4/2019

I came into H.A.L.O. as a stray and unfortunately my dominant and challenging behaviors made H.A.L.O. handlers warry of placing me in a home right away, but I have come such a long way it is now my time to shine and I am going up for adoption!

I continue to be guided through positive reinforcement to learn proper interactive human skills!


Entered H.A.L.O. 9/29/2021

I came into H.A.L.O. as an Okeechobee transfer. I exhibited all positive behavior traits on intake but as life progressed my fear started to show through placing me in the Fresh Start Program. 

By no means am I not adoptable, but I will take a family that understands me and continues to only push me as far as my comfort allows. 



Entered H.A.L.O. 9/21/2020

Jack Russell here! 

I am anxious and can be unpredictible at times, but when I am on my game I am nothing but pure love. 

My anxiety compounded with human failure have made me a work in progress, but I know there is someone out there looking  to share the journey!  


Entered H.A.L.O. 3/8/2021

I am classified as “mouthy” and my mannerisms are peculiar, but. I have no bite history and those I bond with, I am loyal a committed.


Looking for a family to teach me trust and to not overwhelm me with all that life has to offer.