Meet Our Misfits

  H.A.L.O.’s Fresh Start Program

As a no-kill rescue shelter, H.A.L.O. often ends up with extremely difficult cases where dogs are simply not adoptable due to untrusting and aggressive behaviors. Many of these dogs have been neglected and abused by humans and need a little extra love and care before they are ready to go to their forever home. Each of H.A.L.O.’s Misfits is in the Fresh Start Program where our trainers work with them extensively through pack work, positive muzzle training, and behavioral modification with a heavy emphasis on exposure.

If you are interested in adopting one of our Misfits, please fill out our Misfit Adoption Application (link here) and give us a call for more information about our process.

Please consider sponsoring a Misfit’s care while they learn to love and trust again because every life deserves a second chance!

H.A.L.O.’s Misfits


Entered H.A.L.O. 6/22/2015 as a puppy

Bumble came to H.A.L.O. over 1,632 days ago!

…I was born in a loving foster home to my mom Brooklyn Bagel! I got adopted right away along with my littermates, but sadly I was under-socialized. As I grew up, I became more and more fearful of the world around me and a nip to a child sent me back to H.A.L.O.

While I am considered a “Misfit,” I am really one of the gold stars around here! I love all of my humans, and I have a lot of fans. I need a proper introduction, meaning you can’t just run up to pet me. But, once I feel you will not hurt me, I am a loyal friend for life.

My nickname varies from Bumble Bee to T-Rex because I love to stand on my hind legs and dance around. I love toys and am super treat motivated, which I hear is a good thing cause I’ll do whatever you ask of me!

My ideal home is an adult family that’s fairly quiet, no other children 2 or 4 legged. I am not outwardly opposed, but they can trigger my lack of confidence and bring up fears that in the moment can cause me to make bad decisions, that I regret, so let’s keep life easy and just make it us!


Entered H.A.L.O. 1/22/2019

“I came to H.A.L.O. in 2019 as a stray. I was and still am a scared little cookie.

 I have come a long way thanks to the encouragement of my trainers, handlers, and caregivers.

 I do best with positive based methods. Because of my fears, restraint being number one, I was first muzzle trained and actually, I don’t mind it at all!

Once I was comfortable wearing my new jewelry, I was able to continue to be shown new experiences like salon days with pedicures, and in the end… it wasn’t really as bad as I thought!

When I trust you, I open up into a bundle of mush. I enjoy walks… especially hiking trails, one on one time with enrichment toys, and fetch!

 I do need to be an only child, and one can never forget that I will never unlearn to use my teeth if I am pushed into a corner. If we take this journey together, I can promise we will create an incredible bond and when I feel safe, I can conquer any fears with you by my side!”


Entered H.A.L.O. 6/4/2019

Russel was found on US1 by the Marina over 1,400 (too long) days ago!

Russel is a great dog that is a Misfit because he carries unresolved dominance issues. What this means is that if you ask Russel to do something, he is a happy and willing participant, but if you tell Russel to do something, things can go South.

In the right hands, Russel is a peach that is playful, will do anything for a treat, is affectionate, loves belly rubs, and even dances!

In the wrong hands, Russel will guard himself and choose dominance over submission.

 A family that understands his need for confidence boosting to thrive through routine and structure, can keep him as an only child, and give him the freedom to find his way would provide Russel a life where he can leave the shelter and find his best friend!


Entered H.A.L.O. 5/13/2020

Zazu has zero aggression, but Zazu has no impulse control. What does that mean? When Zazu wants his leash or a toy and is overstimulated, he struggles to let go and, in the process, you can be bit.
A dog with no impulse control needs consistent leadership. Every activity you do with them, is a training opportunity. This is not the typical relationship for a family and a dog, which is why Zazu is termed a Misfit.
Given the right human, the relationship that could develop would be unmatched.
Zazu is intelligent, loves puzzle toys and enrichment exercises, rolling in long grass, walks along the river, and mostly… being with his people.


Entered H.A.L.O. 9/29/2021

I came into H.A.L.O. as an Okeechobee transfer. I exhibited all positive behavior traits on intake but as life progressed my fear started to show through placing me in the Fresh Start Program. 

By no means am I not adoptable, but I will take a family that understands me and continues to only push me as far as my comfort allows. 

If you are looking for a good, handsome man, then I am the dog for you! I am definitely a lady’s man, I tend to gravitate toward them as I can be a bit fearful of men. A home with only women or a patient family would be ideal. I can be a tad pushy with other dogs, but I really just want to say hi. I cannot wait to meet you!



Entered H.A.L.O. 1/21/2022

Howie was transferred to H.A.L.O. from a vet clinic he was never picked up from over 500 days ago.
Weighing in just under 100lbs this Howie lives up to his name as a noble watchman and guardian.
Howie is a Misfit because as a loyal and strong protector of his inner circle, he is not keen on strangers approaching.
If Howie does not know a person or situation, he will become quickly uncomfortable and it has led to previous bites. Especially during vetting, restraint, or nail trims a sedative and muzzle are always his and your best tool.
In a home, with his family Howie is super loveable… he would allow for 24-hour belly rubs. He loves land and water, so as an only pet in a home with a doggie door that leads to space to roam, he would hit his lottery. Maybe part piglet, Howie does enjoy digging for exercise, so not a home that needs a perfectly manicured lawn.


Re-entered H.A.L.O. 2/11/2023.

This gorgeous boy has had a rough go at life, but our staff here at H.A.L.O. are determined to make the rest of his life filled with happy memories! Though we do not know much about his history before he came to us, we do know that Ratatouille was found as a stray, tied up at a gas station. Failed by his previous humans, Ratatouille’s trust issues with new people are understandable. Our handlers are working to build his trust, but strangers are still scary for him so slow introductions and patience is a must. 

Once you are in his circle, he will show you a world of love and you will have a best friend for life! He is a huge cuddle bug who thinks (read: knows) he is a lap dog, regardless of his size.  

He would love a home that can continue to increase his trust and show him all the love the world has to offer. Will you be the second chance he is looking for? 


 Entered H.A.L.O. 5/25/2023.

Jax came to H.A.L.O. as a transfer from another shelter where it soon became apparent that he needed help with socialization and trust building. We aren’t sure what his life was like before he came into our care, but have discovered that slow introductions and lots of patience is key for this little guy.  If the proper management and precautions are not taken with him, he is comfortable biting which is why he has made his way to our Fresh Start Program, where we can work with him on building his confidence and trust.

Once you are in his circle, you will see his adorable personality shine! He loves to run and do zoomies around the yard.  An active home will likely help release his pent up energy and help him thrive! 


Re-Entered H.A.L.O. 7/8/2023.

Adele is a beautiful, but misunderstood girl who’s previous training and behaviors have led her to bond closely to her person and guard them from others. She enjoys being with her human and engaging in mentally stimulating games that provide her with a job. She is a working dog and has training in protection work, making her the perfect guardian for someone who will keep up with her training.

As a result, either a single person home or a multi-person home where all members work on building a bond with her would be ideal. Her perfect home would also be one in which she is the only pet and no small children as high energy and sudden movements make her nervous.


Re-Entered H.A.L.O. 11/03/2023.

Ollie is originally from the Bahamas where he suffered a life of abuse on the streets until an Angel saved him. He had severe skin issues and was nearly hairless after being covered in used motor oil.

After Hurricane Dorian left his Angel displaced, he found himself at H.A.L.O. where his life started to turn around and he got adopted. Unfortunately his adoptive family was unable to keep him after a new child was born, so he finds himself again at H.A.L.O. looking for his forever home.

He is weary of strangers and needs lots of patience and bond building with his people. Once he is bonded to his person (or people), he is a very loyal and loving pup. He will do anything for his person. He loves to play and will talk to you to, showing his dramatic side. When he gets too overstimulated and nervous, jazz music helps to calm him down!


H.A.L.O.’s Lifers


Entered H.A.L.O. 2/19/2016

Transferred to us in 2016, Grace showed high reactivity to other animals and strangers.
Being successful with biting multiple times prior, Grace proved to not be fit for a home life and became a H.A.L.O. lifer.
It is not sad to us, it’s fact and should apply in every No Kill rescue to keep all parties involved, including the animal, safe. Not every animal is going to fit into a home setting and that’s ok… as long as they are provided enrichment in the setting they are in.
Our vision is to have a sanctuary for dogs like Grace, but in the meantime, we are blessed to have grown our Fresh Start Program to now include multiple trainers and handlers that ensure every Misfit’s needs are met daily!


Entered H.A.L.O. 6/1/2020

Handsome is what you get when you look at me, but mental stability is a big issue for me.

One day I love you, one day I don’t and there is no certain reason or trigger that H.A.L.O. trainers have been able to get a gauge on.

I am super lucky I am safe at H.A.L.O. and will continue my behavioral journey, while receiving all the love and care I deserve! Due to me unpredictable behavior, I am considered a lifer!


Entered H.A.L.O. 11/28/2020

While being deaf, I had come such a long way at H.A.L.O. and I was finally ready for a family of my own. Sadly, the high stress of the change of environment caused me to regress and I became very unstable and unpredictable in my home.

H.A.L.O. trainers have deemed me a lifer because my life at H.A.L.O. is like the porridge… just right!



 Entered H.A.L.O. 3/8/2021

Not every animal is going to fit into a home setting and that’s ok… as long as they are provided enrichment in the setting they are in. Benji is one of these Misfits.
He’s honestly incredible… he’s smart and eager to learn, and will love you with all his heart.
Why is he a lifer? His extreme anxiety in every situation combined with a learned behavior to bite to eliminate the stressor, makes him unpredictable for family life.
He has been failed by the humans that he depended on from the time he opened his eyes, but we promise to not fail him again.
Benji will be kept safe and loved and will continue to be worked with so that through confidence building his stressors go down and he can enjoy life to HIS fullest.

Misfits in their Forever Home!


 Re-entered H.A.L.O. 4/17/2023. Now Adopted 10/31/2023!

Rado has bounced in and out of HALO due to being a visually impaired heeler.
Rado is a ridiculously sweet and emotional guy whose impulsive behaviors are meant to just challenge. As soon as you correct him and talk to him about it, he’s very responsive.
Being blind in one eye makes him more acute to his ears and his nose, so someone who is going to put the effort into communicating with him and being a guide for him, while he remains a loyal companion to you in key to success.
Rado could do well in a home with other dogs if he is managed well, but being an only child would make life easier. He loves work related play, as a heeler would, but also enjoys the water, car rides and belly rubs.
Anyone willing to give Rado adventure and strong handling skills (meaning being an assertive owner but not bossy and not being forceful) would be perfect fit!



Entered H.A.L.O. 10/27/2020. Now Adopted 10/20/2023!

I am a super smart girl looking for the perfect home that will put in the work to help me continue to learn how to be the best pup.
I love to play in the water, roll in the grass, and find new smells on my walks. As long as I have established a good relationship with and have been introduced properly to a new dog, I really enjoy playing with them! I am an active pup that benefits from lots of mental and physical stimulation who will cuddle right next to my person when I am fully exercised.
I do resource guard items that I perceive as my own. My foster has been working with me on it and I have come a long way, but still have more to go. I am very mouthy as well, I love to use my mouth to explore new things. New environments and situations can cause me to become fearful and uncomfortable so reading my signs and helping me overcome these challenges would help me tremendously.


Re-Entered H.A.L.O. 8/23/2023. Now Adopted 9/19/2023!

Gucci is a large boy with an equally big personality. Characteristic of his breed, he is wary of strangers and takes time and patience to open up to new people. Once you are in his circle, though, you will have a friend for life! This goofy goober loves his person and gives lots of hugs, kisses and cuddles. Gucci would do best in an adult only home with little to no guests who can spend the time working with him and building up his trust. 

In a home setting, Gucci shows resource guarding behavior, especially with his toys so a family that understands this and can work on managing this behavior would be perfect for him. 

Even though Gucci has a fear of the unknown, his super sweet personality is sure to show to anyone who takes the time to build a bond with him. 


A Cappella

 Entered H.A.L.O. 5/16/2023. Now Adopted 8/18/2023!

After being found as a stray, A Cappella’s finders and temporary foster home were not able to take care of her any longer and she found herself at H.A.L.O. With missing fur and not being able to hear a thing, we could tell she had a rough go at life, but we are determined to make sure the rest of her years are better!
Thankfully, Miss A Cappella’s fur is finally growing back, but due to her reactivity with new people she has entered our Fresh Start Program.
A Cappella’s ideal home is an adult only one where she can be the only pet and the center of attention. Patience and trust is the key to this girl’s heart and once you earn it, it is yours forever!  


Entered H.A.L.O. 10/13/2022. Now Adopted 4/25/2023!

I am a puppy through and through who loves to play and be with my people. However, the world is still scary for me and when I am put in unfamiliar environments, I can lose my confidence and start to become mouthy. As a result, I am looking for a special someone that will take the time to go through proper training with me and help me build my confidence and trust!


Re-entered H.A.L.O. 2/7/2023. Now adopted 4/10/23!

I am a wonderful little girl looking for the perfect home that will give me lots of attention and love. Playing with toys and being with my people are how I enjoy spending my day. I have lots of energy so an active home that can spend time with me and help socialize me is ideal. Strangers can be a little daunting for me, but with the proper introduction I will show my amazingly sweet personality. I can’t wait to meet you!


Entered H.A.L.O. 4/10/2021. Now adopted 3/24/2023!

I am a beautiful boy that ended up homeless.  I am quirky and am not the type of dog to be smooched on so H.A.L.O.’s Fresh Start Program is helping me find my way so that I am ready for a family of my own.

I came into HALO because my dad lost his home. I was wary of so much happening at first, but have since really opened up to be a big love. I like the company of other dogs and car rides are a must!

I am active, playful, smart and affectionate. Due to my shyness around new settings, no children in the home is best for me. I also am not fond of crating, but do well when left alone in the home.


 Re-entered H.A.L.O. 12/5/2022. Now Adopted 1/24/2023!

Jack Russell here!

I am anxious and can be unpredictible at times, but when I am on my game I am nothing but pure love.

My anxiety compounded with human failure have made me a work in progress, but I know there is someone out there looking  to share the journey!


Entered H.A.L.O. 6/22/2021. Now Adopted 12/9/2022! 

I flew from the Bahamas to be given my chance at a family of my own. I am sweet and shy and would do best in a quiet home that can give me time to adjust to my new world! Once I bond, I guarantee to make the most loyal friend. I am a HALO Misfit because I can fear bite if pushed too fast with strangers.


Lola Rae

Entered H.A.L.O. 5/27/2016. Now in a Permanent Foster 11/22/2022!

One of the favorites at H.A.L.O., I am a doll baby with the humans in my circle.

Treats are usually the trick to winning me over, but due to my aggressive temperament around other pets and humans I do not know, it was determined that my best life will be at H.A.L.O.

Sometimes protecting a dog from bad choices is the best gift you can give.



 Entered H.A.L.O. 8/4/2022. Now Adopted 11/4/2022!

I am a giant ball of fluff looking for the perfect home. With all my fur, I tend to overheat quickly so trips to the beach are out, but cool AC is in for me! I have your typical husky “Awoo’s” and will sing to you whenever I feel like it.

I can be wary of new people so a quiet and calm household would be the best for me. I can be possessive of things and people I claim as my own so I was placed in H.A.L.O.’s Fresh Start Program.


Entered H.A.L.O. 3/31/2020. Now Adopted 3/28/2022!

I have really come full circle while in the Fresh Start Program. I came in very leery and shy and now have blossomed, love my pack time and the other dogs. I can be more leery around men than women but if you take the time with me, I will blossom!


Entered H.A.L.O. 2/1/2014. Now in a Permanent Foster 2/20/2022!

Going to be killed because of my birth defects, an Angel saved and brought me to H.A.L.O.

I had been mistreated, was deaf and blind so the combination led to a very untrusting and reactive personality.

H.A.L.O. handlers are part of my family and being able to trust them makes my life here worth every second living it!



Entered H.A.L.O. 2/21/2014…Now Re-Adopted 2/5/2022!

I am really a great boy, but being deaf has me a bit nervous and nippy around new people. Once I am given the time and quiet to bond to my family, I am very loyal and well behaved. I am good left alone in the house and am also used to being crated. I know hand signals. I like car rides, playing ball, running around and couch cuddles.


Entered H.A.L.O. 1/12/2017. Now Adopted 1/6/2022!

Sky is always eager to please and excited to receive any attention as she so wants to be with someone and adored. She is very good on her lead and has the cutest little fast step, lady walk. Sky is a great listener and hugger and she will try and melt into you and bury her face in your body. Sky does have extreme restraint fears and will bite if feels threatened at all. Trainers are working on building up her trust and teaching impulse control.


Entred H.A.L.O. 7/20/2016, now in a Permanant Foster 11/18/2021!

They call me Eeyore around the shelter. I have been at H.A.L.O. since 2016 and while I have had my share of troubles, I am still hopeful to share life with a quiet, stable person to bond with and share ice water! My largest struggles are claiming and guarding issues but I do have tells when I have reached my threshold.


Entered H.A.L.O. 6/28/2021. Now Adopted 11/5/2021!

I am adorable and good with my person, but am not a social butterfly. Not being able to see definitely sets me back and I get very possessive of my human and will bite if someone I do not know approaches. Take the time to get to know me and I will be your best friend! Just looking for my special person to share a quiet life with.


Entered H.A.L.O. 1/14/2021. Now Adopted 8/19/2021!

I am a fiery little guy who struggles with resource guarding and aggression. Due to my behavior issues, I was placed into H.A.L.O.’s Fresh Start Program where my handler worked with me closely and I came a long way. 

With lots of patience and training, I learned how to deal with my quirks and the people closest to me learned how to manage my behavior.