Angel Medical

Patricia's Journey

At just 7 months old, Patricia had battled her entire life with a terrible case of mange and a bacterial infection. If that wasn’t enough, her poor little body was also ravaged by intestinal worms. With medical care and a lot of love, she has fully recovered and is now enjoying her life in her forever home. Her treatment would not have been possible without the Angel Medical Fund! 

Rainn's Journey

Rainn was abandoned on H.A.L.O.’s doorstep soaked and dying. After a medical exam, we received the news that he had a urinary blockage causing full organ failure and would need immediate surgery. His chance of surviving the surgery was slim but we knew we couldn’t give up on this sweet boy. After several days of around the clock care, Rainn was able to move into a medical foster home to continue his healing journey. Rainn is a miracle and today, he is surrounded by love and will never again have to face the storm alone.

H.A.L.O.’s Angel Medical Emergency Fund was created to ensure the best medical treatment for every pet that walks through our doors. We NEVER discriminate based on an animal’s medical need and go through extraordinary measures to provide life saving care.

When a pet is surrendered to H.A.L.O. due to an accident or emergency, our Angel Medical Fund is what enables us to give them a second chance at life. At H.A.L.O., we do not feel that a life should be judged based on the expense of a medical need and we feel every animal deserves a second chance to live a full and happy life.

Thank you for believing!