Dear Rescue Friends,

This year Animal Rescue has come with a significant weight, but every day we have a choice. Are we consumed by our fears and negative thoughts, or are we able to see the Miracles that unfold around us?

Like a flower that blooms through the concrete, we have touched nearly 800 lives this year…476 homeless pet intakes, 224 into foster, 389 pets adopted, and 27 dogs and cats reunited.

We cannot do this journey alone and we thank you, our Rescue Friends for allowing us to be there for 20,396 lives saved in the last 17 years of no-kill rescue!

As we come into the summer months, we will continue to work hard to handle the influx of animals needing our care, but we can’t do it without your support!

Please consider becoming a Guardian Angel Member so we can continue saving lives!

Believing in Miracles,

Jacque Petrone
Executive Director

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